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Ghanaian Gospel Music Producer, Songwriter And Singer
Gifty Hammond
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Gifty Hammond
Gifty Hammond (Gospel Artiste) Manifesting God's Word To Event Crowd In Greater Accra
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Exclusive Interview With Gifty Hammond

Gifty Hammond 
Gifty Hammond is a trending Ghanaian gospel music producer, songwriter and singer. Gifty Hammond formally known as Hawawu Dedei Hammond is a Ghanaian (Ga-dangme) who hails  from Asre Jorshi in the greater Accra region and Agomeda in Shai hills, Gifty was born on the 5th of Feb(yr unknown) into  a family of Muslims where she is the second of four girls.
Gifty started as a back up singer for musicians during their recording sessions and moved on to performing on stage with circular artistes such as Nat Brew, Lady Talata, Reggie Zippy and many more. All this while she has been writing songs, especially contemporary highlife.
From Journalism to entrepreneurship, I became a journalist through a reality show on T.V3 dubbed Hottest Host, i was the first runner up which won me a 1 yr contract with t.v3 as a reporter, and a cash price of Ghc 3000.00 which i used to register my self into a remedial school to rewrite my SSCE since I couldn’t pass whiles I was in SHS.  I had completed SHS 10yrs earlier, and was pushed into early marriage to a Muslim at the age of 20 yrs because I had converted into Christianity in SHS and my mom and stepdad didn’t like the idea.  I had to survive marriage by selling pure water, ear rings, oranges e.t.c on the streets. I had  joined cultural dancers and mentor so I can come out of my situation all this while I was doing the recording sessions and performing with musicians. In this contest I saw hottest host  as the opportunity of a lifetime,
Gifty Hammond 
After my 1 yr contract with t.v 3 I conceived my son Nhyira and became so sick that I couldn’t work Again, things became so difficult that after delivery I went looking for a job as a cleaner since I had not yet acquired any certificates to get me a job all to no avail. I couldn’t even afford an admission fee of ghc 150.00 to enroll my son until my next door neighbour suggested to me that ” Gifty you are educated so why don’t you start a pre school with ur son” I laughed cos I had no knowledge on that but as she kept insisting I decided to research into it and the result is PINKS AND BLUES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS
My major setback since I became the C.E.O of Pinks and Blues Int Sch is the difficulty I face in achieving my vision for starting the school. My vision is to provide quality education for every child no matter their financial, social or religious background. My school is set up in a low income community between Accra new town and Nima, where most parents children from these communities cannot afford luxury of toys, swimming pools, playground for this children and because my resources are limited am unable to give my all in this direction
My experience in life is the driving force of the zeal I have, I have been beaten, poured upon, rolled over, put into fire and continuously into shape in the process of making me.
”Music was never a dream for me, it was just a hobby and a means of survival for me” Gifty Hammond disclosed. I realised my calling for music in 2004 when i joined Royal House Chapel as an Usher that I met Jesus, and he changed my purpose and my reason for singing.
The only challenge I face in the music industry is a credible management team that can shoulder some of the burden in terms or organizing promotions and booking of interviews and so on
No matter your status in life people will still talk about you so I have never given ear to what people say or think about me, my focus has always been on how to reach my goal.
In one word the world will be a better place if there should be especially more women who are willing to better peoples lives
Gifty Hammond
Women empowerment is very much important so as to increase and improve the social, economic, political and legal strength of women, to ensure equal right to women and to make them confident enough to claim their rights, that there is no gender discrimination in society
To any woman or women in situations that seems as though all hope is lost, my advise to you is that don’t remain where you fall, from a reporter in t.v3 I was ready to settle for a cleaning job, because  the keyword to me at the time was survival for me and my son and out of that the inspiration to start a school came and today I have become a shade for many
My finest experience as a lady is the combination of a mother, a role model, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a musician that is all going so well to the glory of God
And my wiredest experience is when things became so difficult that I went to circle with my 3 months pregnancy ready to take a concoction to end my life because I couldn’t take the suffering and embarrassment anymore, my faith in God saved me that day
After a long day I will like to go to the swimming pool to swim and listen to good music
My greatest gift and Joy in life are my children, Priscilla, Olivia and Nhyira. They had their fair share or the hardship I experienced, and this has nurtured them into lovely, caring respectable and hardworking children.
Gifty Hammond 

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